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Minority Health Disparities

Gateway to Success

"The program has provided encouragement, health education, lifestyle structure, friendship, and social interaction. Instead of just sitting around, you get the needed push to move and do better."

- Gateway to Success participant

Community Issue

In Forsyth County, 33% of resident are obese, and 18% lack access to exercise opportunities.

The YWCA Gateway to Success program helps low-income patients manage diabetes through a unique integrated care model located at the YWCA Wellness Center.

Impressive Results


improved or maintained A1C (key indicator of diabetes management)

Impressive Results


improved or maintained BMI (Body Mass Index)

Impressive Results


improved or maintained overall wellness score

Promoting Health & Wellness

Our Minority Health Equity programs promote health and wellness among special populations, with special emphasis on minorities with chronic disease prevention and management.

The Gateway to Success Diabetes program is a targeted evidence-based health and wellness program with measurable impact. The YWCA, in collaboration with Novant Health and Wake Forest Baptist Health, launched this program and called it “Gateway to Success.” This is a highly unique and Published Program serves Medicaid, dually insured and uninsured patients who are diabetic or have early on-set diabetes.

Doctors at the Downtown Health Plaza and in Novant practices refer the patients and follow their progress. The hospitals provide a behavioral health specialist, dietitian, and the YWCA provides a wellness coach to meet regularly with participants at the YWCA Wellness Center, recognizing both the medical and behavioral issues surrounding diabetes.

The participants qualify for memberships as a result of a doctor referral from Wake Forest Baptist Health and Novant participating practices. The YWCA will upgrade memberships to the family level as an in-kind contribution to encourage family support of the patient’s lifestyle changes. YWCA staff helps participants stay engaged and work toward their fitness and nutritional goals. Measurable outcomes will be changes in patients’ A1C level and BMI. Gateway to Success is located at the YWCA Wellness Center.

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